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The Byrds  ''...In The Beginning (1964)''

01-Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away
03-The Only  Girl I Adore
04-You Won't Have To Cry
05-I Knew I'd Want You
06-The Airport Song
07-The Reason Why
08-Mr. Tambourine Man
09-Please Let Me Love You
10-You Movin'
11-It Won't Be Wrong
12-You Showed Me
13-She Has A Way
14-For Me Again
15-It's No Use
16-Here Without You
17-Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away (Acoustic Version)

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Love - Out Here (1969)

Love - Out Here (1969)

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Жанр Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Folk


1. I'll Pray for You
2. Abalony
3. Signed D.C.
4. Listen to My Song
5. I'm Down
6. Stand Out
7. Discharged
8. Doggone
9. I Still Wonder (Jay Donnellan,
10. Love Is More Than Words Or Better Late Than Never
11. Nice to Be
12. Car Lights On in the Daytime Blues
13. Run to the Top
14. Willow Willow
15. Instra-Mental
16. You Are Something
17. Gather 'Round